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Abhishesk Dubey



My journey as a photographer started in 2017, was a hobbyist photographer at first but the more time i spend behind the lens the more i fell in love with it.
Was so passionate about the photography that i decided to cave my career out of it.
Got my first camera and from there the journey has been magical, each day, each wedding, each event inspires me to do my best and cater to the needs of customers based on their preferences and taste.
It is always magical when you realise you have the power to capture a moment to make it last forever and we at Rachit Photography don’t just capture the moment but we also capture the emotions, the love, and the glory of that particular moment.





Why we?
because everybody loves us


For US, all weddings are a game, a competition with Ourself on how we can create innovative and exciting images that suit the bride and groom who have booked us.
we enjoy the social dynamic of a wedding and love that We are like a fly on the wall, get to interpret and portray the situations that arise.
In short, we’re passionate about what we do and we will always do our best to create the best and most memorable images we can come up with – that’s team rachit photography’s promise to you!
Get your
Dream Wedding Shoot Done
with exclusive tailored packages based on your preference and needs.

We understand each wedding is different, each one of you have different needs to cater and that is why we create the packages based on your needs.
Do let us know your requirements and we will create a package accordingly.


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