In the last 6 years, we have narrated the stories of over 200 couples around the globe.

A stylish imagery saturated with atmosphere, with a definite eye for the cinematic and documentary.  We promise meaningful pictures for you and your family. Do you want special wedding photos with an edge and personality? Photos that tell the story of you, your feelings and your love, then you must have Rachit Photography.

Our photos are exclusive, personal and unique.

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We cater clients from all over the world, and can only offer a limited number of bookings each year in order to give our clients the best possible services and undivided attention before, during and after the events.

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Below you will be able to read about our approach to being a wedding photographers and what we try to create and capture when we tell a wedding story. we could write up and down about style and approach, but for the sake of ease and understanding, we have chosen to divide it into three different elements.


More than a portrait

Exciting composition and illustrations with “wow effect” is always something that has fascinated me a lot. That’s why we always on the lookout for opportunities to create a picture that’s really eye-catching – something that’s more art than picture. It can be a staircase with perfect symmetry, a beautiful old wall or a pattern – something graphic and stylish.















A portrait can be retaken, but the spontaneous fleeting moments that occur during your wedding day will never come again. Our main mission is therefore to capture the quirky and funny moments that occur during the day before it’s too late. We shoot according to the circumstances and tell the story of your wedding day honestly and as we see it unfold. Some will call it photojournalism, others reportage.















One thing we almost always hear when we meet with a bride and groom is: “we are not very photogenic” or “we think it is strange to be in front of a camera”. In our opinion, having portraits taken should be fun and not awkward. When we shoot portraits, we do our best to make you relax, so what we capture are romantic and candid moments. we’re going to give you some general instructions, but we’re not “micro-posing” – getting portraits taken should be fun and natural!













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Live pictures can do something very special, and in our opinion a wedding video compliments the pictures very well. we approach making a wedding video the same way we do photography & our videos are therefore handheld, close and natural – a bit like a professional home video.

Wedding Tales

A Photographer’s Journal

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